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  • Still not sure what Ello is all about, but I feel pretty good about my first post.

  • nycnostalgia:

    Talking about the important things in life. Park Ave, 1970s.

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  • Fiona Apple, Elvis Costello - I Want You

    This performance, man. 

  • bagnostian:

    "god’s away on business"

    turtle bay, nyc.

    (Fuji X-Pro1)

  • gocarlago:

    Kristina Yamamoto, photographer. Salton Sea, CA

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  • p3rmitt3d:


    By Christian Hopkins, this very talented young photographer uses his photography as a true artistic outlet to help with his depression. The whole set of images are just stunning and really draw you in, a perfect example of how art can help a person having a difficult time to express themselves. 

    This is too fucking real

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